Here are four stories that illustrate why your buyer agent still matters.

A question I hear all the time is, “Does your buyer agent really matter?” Today I would like to go over some examples so you can decide the answer for yourself.

A great agent will know his clients’ needs, understand the market, and possess superior relationship skills. For example, we recently represented a client who was worried about rising prices. When they finally fell in love with a home, we made an aggressive offer, going $36,000 over list price. The only issue was that an appraisal gap could have thrown off the deal. Fortunately, our team had the skills and experience to prepare our clients for every situation. The home ended up appraising, and our client is happily living in it today.

For my second example, we worked with a young couple who wanted a specific type of home in a specific neighborhood. In today’s crazy market, you need a great agent to help you navigate your particular needs. When the couple found what they were looking for, we made an aggressive offer to make sure our clients won the home. Today they are living in a great property with a high potential for appreciation.

Next, we were working with a high-net-worth client, and we decided to make an offer on a high-value home at list price. The seller’s agent could not disclose the terms of other offers, but they preferred to work with us because of our relationship skills. They knew that we would be easy to work with and sure to close. After some negotiating, we were able to secure the home for our client, and it is all because of our relationship skills.

“A great agent will know his clients’ needs, understand the market, and possess superior relationship skills. ”

Finally, I want to share an email with you I received from a buyer while representing a seller listing their home. This buyer’s agent initially ignored me when I suggested that they should not put a deadline on their offer, then they removed the deadline, then they reinstated it. This understandably left my sellers confused and stressed out. I hope it goes without saying that this is not a winning strategy when making an offer on a home.

The buyer emailed me (directly) after the home closed. In his email (and in a later phone call) he asked why his offer was not accepted. He also explained that he only chose the original agent because they were the cheapest to work with. In the end, trying to save money on the agent cost him a great home.

Hopefully, these examples show why having a great buyer agent matters. It comes down to more than cost; knowing clients’ needs, understanding the market, and superior relationship skills are what really make a great agent. If you have any questions about today’s topic or if you are looking to buy or sell, please reach out to me via phone or email. I am always willing to help.